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The Mission, Vision, and Purpose of MinnHNA

Updated: Mar 19, 2021


Minnesota Holistic Nursing Association (MinnHNA) is a non-profit, community-based leadership organization committed to connecting, collaborating, creating, challenging, and caring within an inclusive and diverse community; educating, transforming, and empowering those united in the philosophy and practice of holistic healing.


MinnHNA is an inclusive healing community that strives to nurture and promote equity​, wholeness, peace, and inter-connection leading to a synergy of mutuality to transform healthcare through the holistic paradigm.


The purpose of MinnHNA is:

  • to encourage and support MinnHNA members in modeling and promoting holistic health

  • to be an active participant in the dismantling of structural racism

  • to honor the ancient and historical roots of many of the healing and holistic practices used today

  • to provide a space for networking with others who engage in holistic health

  • to provide a safe and supportive environment for engaging in transformative or uncomfortable dialogue

  • to become an organization that advocates for healthcare, which is inclusive and honors diversity and culture

  • to champion and advocate for the advancement of the holistic health field

  • to assist members in building skills to integrate self-care healing practices in one’s own life as well as the lives of patients/clients, family members, friends, and in the community.

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In order to embrace the heart centered ethics and holistic philosophy of The Minnesota Holistic Nurses Association and Friends, the word “bylaw” has been replaced with the term “cooperative guidelines”.

View the full Cooperative Guidelines below:

MinnHNA Cooperative Guidelines
Download PDF • 123KB
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