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About MinnHNA

Minnesota Holistic Nurses Association (MinnHNA) was organized in 1987 by a group of local nurses who became inspired to promote a holistic nursing network in our community. MinnHNA continues to focus on the integration of holistic health care. We are the largest Chapter in the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA), primarily serving the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.

Our Mission & Vision

MinnHNA is a non-profit, community-based leadership organization committed to connecting, collaborating, creating, challenging, and caring within an inclusive and diverse community; educating, transforming, and empowering those united in the philosophy and practice of holistic healing.


MinnHNA is an inclusive healing community that strives to nurture and promote equity​, wholeness, peace, and inter-connection leading to a synergy of mutuality to transform healthcare through the holistic paradigm.

MinnHNA educates, transforms, and empowers those united in the philosophy and practice of holistic healing. We are committed to these guidelines.

Mission and Vision


Minnesota Nurses Association (MNA) recently shared their Statement of Solidarity From White Nurses. This statement calls upon white nurses to actively disrupt racism in their personal and professional lives. Minnesota Holistic Nurses Association (MinnHNA) supports this call to action. Many of MinnHNA's upcoming events will be focused on empowering members to recognize and purposefully dismantle systemic racism within healthcare and our communities.

Leadership Council

The Leadership Council is comprised of volunteers serving the organization with their time and talents.

Roberta Cassidy | MinnHNA Leadership Council
Roberta Cassidy


Certified as a Holistic Nurse and Functional Nutritional Therapy and Gut and Psychology Syndrome Practitioner, she provides nutrition education and wellbeing consultation services. Currently, she is in training to become a certified nature and forest therapy guide. Devoted to substantive, sustained change, she seeks to inspire wholeness to transform ourselves and our communities in service to the greater good.

Joehey Cici | MinnHNA Leadership Council
Joehey Cici

BSN, RN, PHN, HNB-BC • she / her / hers

Joehey has nursing experience in telephone triage and on a cardiac telemetry step down unit. She is dedicated to lifelong learning and advocating for her patients and community as a volunteer in social, racial, economic, and environmental justice movements. She envisions MinnHNA as a leading force in determining the future direction of our health care systems.

Janet Dahlem | MinnHNA Leadership Council
Janet Dahlem

MA • she / her / hers

At St. Catherine University, Janet is an associate professor, coordinates Healing Touch workshops and continuing education classes for nurses, and previously served as the Master of Arts in Holistic Health Studies Program Director from 1990-2008. As an active organizer in many community health, environmental, and social justice projects, Janet believes the MinnHNA Leadership Council has an important role in the fight for racial justice.

Cindy Dols Finn | MinnHNA Leadership Council
Cindy Dols Finn

DNP, RN, AHN-BC, CNE, PHN, HTCP/A • she / her / hers

Certified as an Advanced Holistic Nurse and a Certified Nurse Educator, Cindy is currently an Associate Professor at St. Catherine University and has been on the nursing faculty since 1999. She holds leadership positions in several community organizations. She is committed to promoting holistic nursing, social justice, Healing Touch, and healthy work relationships.

Mary Johnson | MinnHNA Leadership Council
Mary Johnson

RN, PhD, AHN-BC, CHTP • she / her / hers

Mary is a Professor Emerita from St. Olaf College’s Department of Nursing, a workshop presenter on the principles and practices of Holistic Nursing, and a provider and board member at Pathways, Minneapolis. After joining the American Holistic Nurses Association in 1984, Mary collaborated with other like-minded Minnesotans to establish MinnHNA in 1987. She has been on the Leadership Council ever since.

Beth Meighan-Palanivel | MinnHNA Leadership Council
Beth Meighan-Palanivel

MA, RN, CCAP • she / her / hers

Beth has been an Assistant Nursing Professor at St. Catherine University since 2015, and practices as an energy worker in Reiki, healing touch, therapeutic touch, and clinical aromatherapy. Beth values empowering others through connection and collaboration. "Be the change you want to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi

Leadership Council

MinnHNA History

AHNA is Established

Charlotte McGuire established the American Holistic Nursing Association (AHNA) to address her observation that “nursing care [is] becoming less and less patient and wellness centered.”

Learn more about AHNA's Mission

First Meetings

Over a dozen professionals gathered monthly at Naida Colby's workplace in Golden Valley, MN, to share their vision of a Minnesota chapter of AHNA.

Healing Touch

The first Healing Touch class is offered to 30 students at what is now St. Catherine University, known then as St. Mary’s campus of the College of St. Catherine, Minneapolis campus.

All Day Workshop

The first all day workshop was hosted, titled "Patterns of Health: Holistic Approaches to Healing," with Margaret Newman, PhD, RN as the keynote speaker.

Annual Newsletter

An annual Minnesota Holistic Nurses Association newsletter was created and mailed to all members.

Partnership in Holism

The Minnesota Holistic Nurses Association began a partnership with the Minnesota Holistic Medical Group. 

The Beginning

Minnesota nurses and other professionals recognized the solid research regarding the Holistic Paradigm of Health.

Holistic Nursing in Minnesota

Naida Colby, from Minnesota, received the Holistic Nurse of the Year Award from AHNA and was influential in bringing holistic nursing to Minnesota.

Leadership Circle

During the AHNA Annual Conference in Green Lake, WI, a Leadership Circle was formed to organize the next steps for the Minnesota chapter of AHNA.

Expanding Member Engagement

The MinnHNA’s logo and brochure were created and mailed to all members. Five continuing education and networking gatherings were held throughout the year.

Holistic Nurse Certification Program

The Holistic Nursing Certificate Program was offered at St. Olaf College with support from MinnHNA.

Guidelines and Committees

Cooperative Guidelines (i.e. bylaws) were written and committees were established.

View the Cooperative Guidelines

Restructure and Prioritize

The pandemic of COVID-19 disrupted all programming for the year. The Leadership Council took the opportunity update the website and revisit how to recognize, acknowledge, and create actions to address racial inequities in nursing and our communities.

MinnHNA History
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