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Meet Amy

Amy Waller is a certified Holistic Nurse and has been a member of the MinnHNA membership since 2011. She works as a Public Health nurse, visiting families in their homes in Hennepin County. She works with postpartum/newborns and children with special healthcare needs. She spends about half of her time working with children who have been lead poisoned in Minneapolis.

When she's not at work, she's playing with her two little ones at their home in the NW suburbs. She lives on an acre with her husband, two kids and two cats, and is very busy planting native pollinator gardens, growing veggies and herbs, and soon to be a chicken keeper as well. She also loves reading and creating - painting, crafting, sewing, knitting... there just isn't enough time in a day, is there?

Amy is also a Healing Touch Practitioner apprentice, working towards official certification. She is passionate about holistic health and healing and uses it daily for her own family. She loves being able to share what she can with clients as well. She is a student of herbalism, homeopathy.

Amy joined the leadership council in Fall 2022, and is excited to help plan events that can bring more nurses, healers, any anyone else who is called to this beautiful corner of the world.

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