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Volunteering - Rachel's Story

My time volunteering on the Minnesota Holistic Nurses Association (MinnHNA) Leadership Council has been during an unprecedented year with unforeseen challenges. The abrupt shift from in-person to virtual events created the unexpected need for a new website and updated event platform.

During this time, I had the opportunity to partner and learn from a passionate and dedicated group of people. I have been able to support an important cause and connect with a wide range of people.

It has been a great experience personally and professionally. Overall, my time working with MinnHNA’s members, Leadership Council, volunteers, and event speakers has been a special experience.

- Rachel Flynn


You can also join us and help MinnHNA with your skills! We are looking for volunteers for short- and longer-term time commitments: social media manager, marketing to grow and diversify our membership & audiences, facilitating small group discussions, or leading the opening meditation/centering offerings at events, and many more!

If you are interested in contributing to a great cause and meeting new and intriguing people, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Minnesota Holistic Nurses Association (MinnHNA) has been a small, and mighty, local grassroots organization for over 30 years aimed at sharing the positive impact of complementary and holistic practices throughout the Minnesota nursing and local community.


Interested in volunteering? Reach out to us, here.

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