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MinnHNA Commits to Taking Action to Dismantle Racism

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Read MNA's Full Solidarity Statement >

Minnesota Nurses Association (MNA) recently shared their Statement of Solidarity From White Nurses. This statement calls upon white nurses to actively disrupt racism in their personal and professional lives. Minnesota Holistic Nurses Association (MinnHNA) supports this call to action. Many of MinnHNA's upcoming events will be focused on empowering members to recognize and purposefully dismantle systemic racism within healthcare and our communities.

A snippet of MNA's Statement:

"Building solidarity and union power requires fighting white supremacy and requires nurses to become anti-racist. White nurses of MNA commit to standing with our colleagues of color and working to dismantle systemic racism within our interpersonal relationships, healthcare system, communities, and society. We stand against racism between members and systemic racism within the union. We will intentionally elevate voices of our BIPOC colleagues within the union and workplace."


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